Other Services

Web sites

Every small business needs a web site. It’s the equivalent of an ad in the phone book, except it reaches the entire world instead of the local neighborhood.

“But aren’t web sites expensive?” people ask.

Not necessarily. They can be. But they don’t have to be.

Some people will try to convince you that more is better. If your business needs more, go for it.

But most small businesses need a simple, economical web presence. It’s a way to tell the world a little bit about your business, and help people contact you.

“Simple” sells. Tell visitors who you are and what you provide. Show them samples of your products, or examples of your services. Offer testimonials from happy customers — just an example of what you hope is widespread and positive word-of-mouth. Show visitors how to reach your business and contact you.

That doesn’t need to be expensive. If someone says a web site will cost thousands of dollars, walk away. They’re gaming you. Watsonx2 has created web sites for several Gorge businesses — Washboard Eco-Laundry, E&L Auto Parts, Margie’s Pot Shop, for example — for less than $500 each.

To discuss your needs and establish your web presence, call 541-386-8860, or send a note.

E-mail marketing

Still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, e-mail marketing requires good content, and consistent delivery. Your customers will pay attention to e-mail that is professional, entertaining, informative and offers real value. Don’t ignore this most fundamental of marketing tools. Contact us to get yours started.

Blog content

A blog is the perfect way to tell your story. It’s more versatile than using Facebook posts. It’s not that Facebook and Twitter aren’t important. They are. Just don’t ignore other tools, that might better serve your needs.

Think of the blog as the meat, and social media as the bread that helps deliver the meat to its destination — readers. If you need help creating content — stories, videos, infographics — contact us to discuss your needs.


You may have heard of the Best Companies to Work for in Oregon program, administered each year by Oregon Business magazine. That program was conceived and launched by Stu & Kathy Watson, while editors at the magazine in 1994.

We also developed the Mini Green Tag Program at Mt. Hood Meadows, since transformed into the SkiGreen offset program used by dozens of ski areas.