An introduction

You may not know it, but you are a story.

In everything you do, you create that story. Customers help tell it. Employees help tell it. Other businesses and employers help tell it.

As a teenager, I worked summers on a sod farm in Southern California. One of my co-workers was a ne’er do well character named Horace Neide. He was a story. But what I remember most was his daily greeting: “What’s your story?”

In his world, the proper answer was “Mornin’ glory.”

Good way to approach the day. Good way to think about how you want to craft your story. Create mornin’ glory. And afternoon glory. And evening glory.

Because if you don’t create your story, someone else will. And it may not be one of glory. Just mournin’.

I’ve been a storyteller my whole life — 25 years as an award-winning newspaper, magazine and web journalist, and working independently for a variety of business clients since 1997. If you need help telling your story, contact me.